Will augmented reality replace the Hyundai owner’s manual?

Auto manufacturer Hyundai has launched a new application highly expected to become standard practice (according to some experts)…
The applications enables customers to look at their car and engine via an application. Its purpose is to be used instead of the user manual.

The end of the trusty owner’s manual?

From now on in the USA, to find out how the different components of certain new Hyundai cars function, you can download an application for smartphone or tablet. Hyundai has reassured consumers that the trusty paper owner’s manual will not disappear (for the moment at least) but points out that the application is more efficient in explaining how vehicle components work.

What’s so special about it ? It uses AR

The main advantage is indeed the fact the fact that the application uses augmented reality (AR). Users can put down their phone or tablet on different parts of the car to immediately obtain relevant information.

Already in use in the USA,for the moment the application will recognise 2015 and 2016 Hyundai Sonata model components, however other recent models should follow sometime this year. The experience is expected to be extended to other countries, including in Europe.



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