UX, at the heart of the Web!


Do you hear a lot about UX in the web department of your companies or agencies?

Are you wondering what these 2 letters could mean and what they are?

Here are some answers.


UX, or User eXperience, is all the emotions felt by a user when using a service (Web or human) in order to achieve a goal.

For website or software creation projects, UX takes into account the opinion and feeling of users in order to improve the interface.

Thanks to users tests, all aspects are discussed; analysis, features, graphics issues…; UX is therefore right in the middle of the creative process!

The main objective is to involve users as much as possible and meet their expectations in terms of navigation and ergonomics. We don’t create websites or software solutions for our company or colleagues but for our prospects and customers.

Ergonomics, simplicity, fun, user support … are the challenges of UX.

User eXperience comes before the development and production phases in a project. There are 2 steps:

1/ Exploration step which consists in identifying issues

It includes these steps: ergonomics analysis, comments listing, discussion, test, brainstorming, card sorting (classification method to confront users’ requests and design), survey, personas (users typical profiles).

In general, this step helps answer the question: what our users want?

2/ Definition step which consists in re-building the interface based on users’ needs.

It includes the website structure, zoning, paper prototyping, user tests with paper prototype,
web prototyping and user tests, adjustments.

During the definition phase, we create, we test, we adjust and we work with the end users!

The final step is to hand the project over to the development and production departments.

To resume, UX is the step before the creation, the one which allows you to have a defined interface, tested and for your users!

Now, it’s your turn!


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