Customer Testimonials

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DataCar CRM

  • « The software was welcomed by the salesmen and is 100% effective ».Furthermore, DataCar CRM has made my work much straight forward, and the same is true for my colleagues. One single tool manages everything”.

    – Aline BEULIN, Sales Director at Garage du Château (November  2012)

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DataCar DMS

  • Bougault SA

  • “The assets of the new version benefit receiving agents in particularly. The new features enable a considerable saving in time for the receiving agents thanks to all the customer information grouped together on a same screen.”

    – Marion GUILLERMINET, Group Management Assistant at Garage Bougault SA (May 2013)

  •  “The dashboard proposed by eCARS21 (ex DataCar DMS) gives a snapshot of everyday results of the concession. We have a quick overview with all our data under the eyes. Also : as a business owner, this dashboard matches to our need to have a quick view of our results , such as VO margins, VN margins, vehicle rotation, stock parts, the margin on parts.”

    – Richard DREVET, CEO of Richard Drevet Automobiles (October 2013)

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  • Sipa_Logo

  • In terms of the sales organization, it allowed us to put in place certain processes and certain procedures …We have felt a more fluid and easier organization.”

    – Françoise DELPY, Head Financial Controller at SIPA Group (February 2015)

DataCar Websites

  • Garage_Courtois

  • « I advise all Renault dealers who need to publish their used cars and communicate about their others services (car rental, repair, quick service…) to create the same kind of website with Datafirst”.

    – Olivier COURTOIS, CEO of Garage Courtois Automobiles (February 2013)