The connected car dealership using beacon technology


Imagine a technology that could send real-time information to customers and prospective customers. Better, targeted information based on their position in your car dealership? It’s now possible thanks to the beacon.

What is a beacon?

The beacon is a small geolocation tag even more accurate than the conventional GPS, especially indoors. As stated by Arie Toledano, President of DATAFIRST : “The mission of the beacon takes over where that of the GPS stops.” This sums the beacon up perfectly. Besides, here we are talking about micro-localisation .

The beacon can be installed anywhere you like, such as at the most strategic locations in your showroom. This beacon transmits over several tens of meters with Bluetooth Low Energy and sends information to smartphones that are close to the terminal equipped with a beacon.

Finally, so that this information can be received by these smartphones, the user must first download a dedicated application and activate the Bluetooth on his phone in advance.

What is the advantage of using beacons for car dealers?

More and more buyers use their smartphone in stores. But what is even more interesting is that we see that the number of purchases among those people who use their smartphone while shopping.

In this context, beacon technology becomes important. For the end users, the main utility of this technology is the ability to locate where GPS does not work, that is, indoors. But for traders it’s another story. Car dealers can take advantage of it to capture the attention of visitors while they are in their car dealership.

Indeed, the beacons that transmit push notifications send targeted information to customers and prospects who will receive the offers without any effort while wandering in the car dealership.

Beacons are excellent promotions vectors.  They could enable the car dealer to send, for example, dedicated digital coupons. With the use of beacons, they can also spot their most loyal customers’ visit by offering tailor-made advantages.

Beyond transmitting information,  beacons are also a valuable source of information about the journey of the customer or prospect. Although the beacon does not receive data, it is possible to obtain information on the journey of customers and prospects through the collection of information on the location of smartphones.

Beacons coming to Europe

Already widespread in the United States, beacons are becoming more popular in Europe. While the trend in using smartphones for purchasing is confirmed, we can expect an increase in the use of beacons in shops. While the number of connected stores remains marginal, it will soon become a reality for the majority of shops.

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