The Business Intelligence in Big Data era

Business Intelligence

At a time where the amount of business data available in a car dealership is ever-increasing, BI software (business intelligence) allows dealers to use this data and provide valuable assistance in strategic decision making processes.

Indeed, the complexity of the world of Big data requires companies to be prepared for the processing  of this mass of data.

The era of Big Data

One of the consequences of the era of Big Data is the generation of a large amount of data. Companies must subsequently be able to easily store and manipulate this data to draw conclusions that will help them make decisions. To begin, it is important to understand the 3V’s (Volume, Velocity, Variety) that characterize Big Data and issues related to it.

  • Volume: The volume is the amount of data produced by companies or individuals. The first challenge is to find a way to handle this volume of data.
  • Velocity : The speed is the time it takes for data to be generated, captured and shared. Whether it be for businesses or consumers, the data is produced in increasingly short periods of time.
  • Variety : Data is coming from different sources and is of different natures: geospatial data, material data points, location data, connection data, data generated by machines, measurement data, mobile data, physical data points, processes,  RFID data, research data, trust data, data flow, data from social media, text data and data from the Web.

To meet the challenges posed by Big Data and to manipulate this data in order to draw relevant analyzes, BI solutions are developed (business intelligence). And DATAFIRST develops its own BI solution dedicated to the automotive market, DataCar BI.


What is the purpose of business intelligence solutions?

Business Intelligence (BI), represents IT solutions capable of processing the data generated in a company and to draw analyzes to assist in decision making. Processed data  then emerges in the form of reports and analytical dashboards.

The goal of BI software is to meet the growing need for companies to handle the multitude of data they receive, as easily and quickly as possible. BI software appears therefore as THE solution for the interpretation of this data to assist a decision maker in a car dealership; This automotive B.I solution will allow him to establish a better business strategy.

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