New e-Learning solution for our customers

New solutions to hep customers optimize use of our DataCar software products

As we recently announcedthe new verison of our DataCar Portal is currently being deployed  across our DataCar customer locations. More than 10 000 users are now benefiting from a number of new features, including a new eLearning solution.

New partnership


Through a new partnership established with Edufactory, supplier of the OuiLearn collaborative training platform, end-users can now access short videos based on their user profile, classed by product, module, subject… and by language as the platform can be accessed by our international customers. Content is updated as new product developments are released.

The first modules to be put on line via the platform (which can be accessed by simply clicking from DataCar Portal) are:

– New Verison of  DataCar Portal: presentation of new features
– Eris Motors Accounting, Version 2017 : presentation of prodct developments

Our customers are kept informed of newly available modules via the “Stay Informed” section of the DataCar Portal.

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