Marketing in view of the GDPR

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The DATAFIRST vision and product offering for Automotive Distribution groups.

  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on 25th May 2018.

    The new regulatory framework, which lays down more stringent rules with regards to personal data, must be taken into serious account, not only because of these risks but also because people are concerned about the use made of their personal data, which may be exploited to their detriment.

    For automotive car dealers, as for all actors in the economy, the quest for consent is underway so that companies can continue to roll out well targeted marketing campaigns.

    This is the reason why DATAFIRST has developed a consent management center so that car dealers can collect and archive customer consents forms..

Consent Center is an open application that can be interfaced with any application comprising a customer database

  • Central monitoring of consent forms

    • Consent form design
    • Instantly available at all your sites
    • Control over any changes
  • Increased collection rate

    • Directly via the employee’s application (DMS, CRM, Internet)
    • Available for use on tablet or    smartphone
  • Proof of consent archiving

    • Electronic signature or double opt-in
    • Centralized archiving of proof of consent

  • Integrated monitoring tools

    • Reporting: Consent collection rate indicators
    • Notifications at end of consent period validity
  • Open and centralized application

    • Connected to dealership DMS, CRM, Web applications
    • Overview of consent activity/levels across all sites
  • Consent collection made easy

    • Forms are easy to upgrade to keep up to speed with the regulation
    • Easy to activate at every customer touchpoint

Our advice to Car Dealers in view of the GDPR

To comply with the new regulations, the first actions you should put into place are:

  • Understanding & Raising awareness within the dealership

    • Appoint a Data Processing Manager and train him/her
    • Educate you Marketing team who should avoid sending wide-scale generic marketing campaigns
    • Educate all employees, in particular those in contact with customers and those responsible for processing any personal data

    Avoid security breaches

    • Check the security of your infrastructure
    • Identify and restrict the personal data that is stored on the laptop computers and mobile telephones of staff
    • Reinforce contracts with your suppliers
    • Implement measures to identify breaches
  • Demonstrate that a plan has been deployed

    • Appoint an organisation to administer the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
    • Review all data processing operations
    • List and describe in detail those you are responsible for, for example using the material provided by the French CNIL
    • Review contracts with your subcontractors and third parties

    Be ready to respond to requests

    • Comply with the right to access and rectify data
    • Track data extractions
    • Avoid high-volume marketing campaigns
    • Start to structure the collection of consent in accordance with the GDPR

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