Marketing campaigns and automotive sector

In terms of social networks, automotive manufacturers and marketing agencies are full of original ideas. The visual quality of cars combined with the benefits of video and photo are exploited here to highlight the strengths of car brands. Let’s review some inventive ideas of marketing campaigns launched by car manufacturers.

A Special days for them and for your car brand too

Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year, the first day of spring, national holiday … these special days are a unique opportunity to communicate about your brand by linking one or more car models with the characteristics of this special day. For example, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to showcase your red car models in a photo or video with a specific and original advertising teaser.

Marketing Idea Fiat

Make it big like Hyundai

Hyundai saw it big. In its latest New Thinking campaign, Hyundai allows a girl to send a message to hes father, an astronaut, in space. Thanks to eleven Genesis model cars, they drew the message in the Delamar dry Lake in Nevada. The entire operation was filmed, and her father was able to photograph the message from space.


Internet users are invited in turn to write, virtually, via their Facebook account, Twitter or Google+, a message in the desert and share the video on social networks. With this action, Hyundai also entered into the Guinness book of Records.

Make short movies with brand content video

Brand content video is increasingly used by car manufacturers. Brand content video meets some success in the automotive sector. These videos are real short movies featuring the products or services of a brand.

To celebrate the Super Bowl, Kia launched its humorous video advertising featuring Pierce Brosnan in which we see him interested in a role in a film. While he expects an adventure movie and action, the reality is quite different…

Seat, for its parti, chose to use one of it’s factories’ engineers in its video . The result is a sequence of several short movies which show different skills from the Seat factory.

 Finally, Renault, for the launch of the new Twingo, launched its campaign “LaVéritéSurLesFilles”. To attract internet users, they first made three video spots featuring the French actresses Nora Hamzawi and Bérengère Krief. Each of these videos represents a cliché about girls. Internet users were then asked to send a true fact about girls on Twitter. The best ones were printed on t-shirts.

Who will be the next to launch an amazing marketing campaign?

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