Internet Autobiz Awards 2015 : Promising winners!

For the 4th consecutive year, DATAFIRST was partner of the latest edition of the Autobiz Internet Awards, organised by Autobiz (independant automotive distribution specialist, known for market studies, database management and automotive marketing).
Autobiz Internet Awards is an annual event which brings together Internet and automotive decision makers, passionate about innovation and all things digital!

The main objective of the event is to promote innovative Internet initiatives developed by automotive industry professionals.

Last year three nominees were awarded: BODIMER Group for its innovative remote lead management solutions, BERNARD Group with a virtual website giving users the impression of being in the dealership and finally, Headoo, who recover photos from websites, sent from a camera to a tablet.

This year, the winner was WeProov with a most promosing application!


Gabriel Tissandier and Alexandre Perret-Meyer, co-founders of WeProov, created an application to carry out inventories on any kind of vehicle (car, motorbike, camping car…).
From wherever and in any kind of situation (used car trade-in, car rental, car share, storage…), the application enables a precise vehicle inventory to be carried out. The application’s added value resides in the data transparency and efficiency of WeProov.

Autobiz explains the applicaiton in more detail:

« Via an innovative assisted process, a quick 360° photo scan of the vehicle is taken. It is also possible to add snaps of the vehicle interior, state mileage, engine condition and add more photos. To validate the inventory, users can sign directly on the handheld device (IOS or Android).

They then receive a certified report by email, with all the information and photos used to descibe the vehicle.»

WeProov is a particularly promising application in that it is already available on the market.

Well done to these masters of innovation!
Congratulations to Gabriel et Alexandre, from DATAFIRST!

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