How to use the video to communicate on your car brand ?

Xavier Foucaud, community manager journalist for the French web magazine analyses the using of brand content video in brand communication. He explains the best practices to implement in order to exploit all the possibilities offered by this medium, a real attention grabber for brands.

Why use “brand video content”?

Xavier Foucaud explains that, first of all, behind every action of brand content video, must be a specific objective. We can take as an example the Renault brand content video operation for the Twingo with “The Truth About Girls” operation. This video which featured two popular French actresses liked by women audiences in France was intended to create a link between the car brand and the female audience.

Customer-focused video  

Yes, you want to put your brand in the limelight, but remember that the goal is to seduce your end customer. Also, it is important to ask yourself what the benefit of your customer tviewing your video will be. The content must first and foremost be created for your client

What type of video could you create?

  • The tutorial

The tutorial has proven to be successful. More and more brands are creating their YouTube channels and have focused on the creation of tutorials. As a car manufacturer, do you have a YouTube channel? If the tutorial can be complicated to set up in this area, you can still focus on the trials or you can create scripted demonstrations to push leads into wanting more information.

  • The web-series

Web series are a big hit today. Web series videos are posted on the web, episode after episode. This format can be interesting for car manufacturers. Depending on your target, you can imagine staging your cars in the daily life of a character inspired from the target you are aiming for. Xavier Foucaud however warns about the appearance of the product: it must remain subtle.

  • Social Networks

Some social networks are powerful vectors for transmitting videos. However, you should choose them carefully in the light of your target (Instagram, Youtube, Snapshat, Vine …?).

Which video platform to choose: YouTube, Dailymotion or Vimeo?

Owned by Google, of course, you will guess that YouTube remains the reference. However, you can also post your video on Dailymotion to be more visible or Vimeo to reach a younger audience more sensitive to the quality of the image.

How to measure the results of your brand content video?

On the web, you can measure the level of commitment of the people who follow you. However Jules Guillermet warns that you should distinguish betwwen simple likes and shares or comments.


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