How to use Instagram to attract new customers in your car dealership?

If you have started a strategy on social networks, you are probably already on Facebook. But have you ever thought about using Instagram to develop awareness of your dealership?

The fact that Instagram is a social network that allows publishing photographs easy to edit makes it an ideal tool to showcase the cars you have in stock, either new or used. Here are some tips to help you make the best use of Instagram in order to increase the sales of your car dealership.

1. Showcase your products (accessories, cars, workshops, shops, cars essay)

To make an attractive picture, you can showcase your products. For example, you can photograph your cars in action or parked, in a natural landscape or in town, day and night to play with light.

2. Diversify scenarios

The same car can be photographed in different situations: vary the setting, shoot your car in action and stopped, with the doors open. Add some extras: a businessman, a family, a woman, a mother … In the workshops, photograph your employees while they’re working to show the great work they’re doing.

3. Behind the scenes of a car dealership

Shoot your salespeople in the showroom or your employees in the workshop and the store. This will help to create a close and trusting relationship with your prospects and customers.

4. Go beyond your car dealership

Follow the latest news about the brand that you distribute. Share the photos on which your product is represented. For example, your car brand is used by a celebrity, share it and add a comment such as “Look who is travelling with this car”.

5. Set up a contest

To increase the number of your followers and strengthen the relationship with those who already follow you, set up a competition.

6. Talk to your community

Do not hesitate to accompany your photos of questions inviting your followers to give their opinion on what you show. This shows to your followers that you give importance to what they think.

7. Set up special actions

Your followers are following you, it’s time to make them come to your car dealership. Submit special offers, or invite them to an event.

Instagram is clearly a social network that has its place in the automotive sector. Focused on the visual, the possibilities are endless.

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