How to use data in an automotive CRM software?

If data collected from the car manufacturer, is properlyl integrated into an automotive CRM software, it is a veritable gold mine for attracting and retaining customers. Your  manufacturerand your own car dealerships are all equipped with a CRM, but do you use the stored data properly?

Focus on the “small data”

In opposition to Big Data that is on everyone’s lips in modern marketing strategies, the “small data” is the analysis of a small amount of data by humans and not by high-performing programs. This means that you can directly extract some data from your automotive CRM software and use it to improve your marketing strategy. For example, you can segment your database of prospects and clients by demographic characteristics, or by their lifestyle habits and send targeted email campaigns to these different segments.

The importance of measuring results

It is essential to measure the results of a marketing campaign to define points to improve for your next campaign. CRM software dedicated to the automotive market will easily allow you to accomplish this task. During this analysis, be sure to analyze data such as the email open rate or the number of clicks on the email.

A multi-channel presence

In order to be more visible and to be as transparent as possible to your customers and prospects, car manufacturers must ensure their presence on the different communication channels used by their target. Adapt your marketing campaigns to the channels used by your customers and prospects (email, sms, mobile). The preferred channels of your customers and prospects can vary depending on the segment to which they belong. With CRM software dedicated to the automotive market, you are able to set up a campaign that will be sent through the most privileged channels of your predefined segments.

Create a compelling customer experience.

Car manufacturers who will have the most success are those that are aware of the importance of the online research phase of customers and prospects. They must find the same information online that they would find in a car dealership. The first meeting with the client will happen online, hence the importance of providing a website that fits to all devices and that loads quickly.

Personalize your interactions with customers.

The success of your communication depends largely on how your customers or prospects perceive the message. The same message will not have the same impact on the same people. This is where the data becomes important. By combining the data from the automotive CRM software with clicks online you can deduce trends and adapt your communication segment. Customization no longer stops at the email subject, but extends to the content of the email.

Start exploiting your CRM data and segmenting your database now and launch your marketing campaigns.

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