How to sell cars to women?

Women occupy an increasingly important role in the automotive market. In 2012, 82% of European women owned a car and 45% of them reported being co-decision maker in their couple while buying a car.

While the man was for a long time the unique decision maker in the couple for choosing a car, habits have evolved, hence the need for manufacturers to adapt their commercial speech to women.

Jenny Daroch, expert in marketing strategy, highlights 4 points that manufacturers should focus on to have more women among their buyers.

Convince them to spend more.

It is a fact, women spend less than a man for the purchase of a car.

So how do you convince them to spend more? Manufacturers must begin by asking what could push a woman to spend more money on their brand. According to Jenny Daroch, manufacturers should focus more on the feelings of women for their brand. How do they perceive it? Can she trust your brand? Is your brand credible? Is it safe? These questions will help you after to focus on the relationship she may have with your brand.

Limit the discontent in the post-sale phase

Many women are dissatisfied with their car. Why? This discontent is often due to the lack of openness and dialogue when they bought their car. They often feel that their concerns are not taken into account.

To improve this, it is at the dealership as it goes. It is important that women feel comfortable when they go to the car dealership. For example, you can organize an event dedicated to them to inform them about cars, financing, services … They will feel valued and reassured to initiate dialogue on a possible purchase.

Enhance the experience in the workshop

Lots of women bring their car to the dealership workshop. Moreover, they are more likely to listen to the advice provided to them about their car.

It is therefore important to look after your communication in this phase to retain your client. Dealers must learn to deal with interest. Here, it is important to have a good CRM to properly manage customer data and send them specific info about dealership services.

Listening to their personal desires

It is generally accepted that women prefer urban type of cars. So manufacturers tend to quickly put them in the same bag. But can we therefore say that it is the wish of all women?

When  implementing your btand’s  marketing strategy, do not assume that all women have the same needs. Look for differences within this group and develop products and marketing strategies more appropriate to the segments that you will have defined.

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