How to sell a car to Millenials ?


Despite what automotive market might lead us to believe,, the millennial, or Y generation, those  born in the 80’s and 90’s,  dream of owning their own car as soon as possible. This generation that makes up 40% of the active population in Europe is a major challenge for the automotive industry who is trying to seduce them, whatever the cost.

To succeed , some car manufacturers have focused on selling  cars dedicated to this young target but without  great success. According to several studies, the choices made by this young active generation are not so different  from from those of their parents. Experience suggests that beyond the car model, it is the way they are sold that makes the difference. That’s why  car dealers must, first of all, understand how they behave during the buying process.

What are the characteristics of the millenials generation?

  • Multiplication of purchasing channels

As with each generation, Millenials have developed their own behavior. One of the most striking features of this generation is the channel used to make a purchase, the web and the multiplication of sources used for purchasing (tablets, smartphones and laptops). Although the smartphone is gaining more and more ground, currently  purchases are made  through one of these devices.

The web has a particularly important role in the new car buying journey. A recent study by Google has indeed demonstrated that the car buyer visited an average of 24 different sources during the online research phase.

  • Textual communication

The second characteristic of millenials is a preference for text communication. Millenials prefer to write a message or an e-mail instead of calling. You just have to look at  how the number of chat applications available has increased in a short time to realize the importance of textual communication, especially online.

  • Reactivity

Millenials are accustomed to the speed of the flow of information. In other words, they expect immediate responses. If car dealers let generation Y customers wait once they have submitted their application, they will visit the next car dealership that has been faster in answering.

How to adapt your sales

  • Responsive Design and Social Networks

Given the variety of media used for carrying out research, the first thing to establish is a responsive design website that will adapt to all media: PCs, tablets, smartphones. Then insure your presence on all platforms used by your target: websites, social networks, forums, search engines.

  • Textual Communication

Your target communicates more in writing, so prefer this method of communication. Now adopt a strategy of text-based communication. SMS and chat are 2 modes of communication to be used in order to build a solid strategy.

  • Rapid response

Finally, car dealers must implement processes that will allow them to respond quickly to their customers, prospects and leads. Not answering in time is the best way to lose customers.

If millenials don’t form the majority of new car buyers, it remains a target likely to buy a car now or in the near future. Hence the importance of getting their attention by adapting your commercial communication to their buying habits.

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