How to optimize leads processing for car dealers?

As a car manufacturer, you implement different tools to generate leads before sending them to the dealer in the best position to process them. But are you sure that your distributors have the right tools on hand to deal with these leads? Discover how to optimize leads processing.

What is a lead?

The “lead” is a business contact who has shown interest in your product and about whom you have some basic personal information. The lead will become a prospect if you succeed in planning an appointment that aims at transforming him into a customer.

Leads in the context of automotive distribution

Buying a new car significantly impacts a household budget, that’s why the buyer will try to get a lot of information about car models from different manufacturers before making a decision. The brand image is, in this context, really important.

Organize priorities

Priorities management

A person who shows an interest will become a lead that will end up in the dealer’s showroom. The problem is that car dealers do not have the same priorities and do not pay as much attention as they should to these leads.

Why are these leads not always processed by car dealers ?

According to, the main reason stems from “a problem of organization and computer skills.” Leads require responsiveness, which is hard if the computer system used by the car dealer is not performing. Indeed, it is estimated that a lead processed in less than one hour is 7 times more likely to be transformed into a sale. So, one of the priorities is to equip car dealers with a high-performing CRM software.

Tips to optimize lead management:

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A real-time transmission leads

Real-time communication should enable the electronic transmission of the leads in the car dealer’s system so that it can process it as quickly as possible.

All relevant information must be sent to the salesperson:

You have received customer information of great value for the car dealer. Without this information, he/she can’t properly meet the customer’s needs due to lack of thorough knowledge of his profile.

Rigorous leads tracking:

To avoid any loss of leads, you have to be able to track leads and all actions taken.

Quickly assign leads to a salesperson:

Once the lead is transferred to the distributor, it must be assigned quickly to a salesperson so he can contact the customer within the following minutes.

Sales team coaching:

Sales team coaching can be done after measuring sales results to identify needs in training to improve car salesperson’s performance.

Increasing your customer database:

Data collected during telephone or physical contact should enrich your customer database because if the job is done well, the client will contact you again.

As you can see, the keywords in this context are responsiveness and organization managed by a high-quality CRM software solution.



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