Expert advices: how to keep your website alive

Whether you are a modest dealer or an automotive group, building a website is a true investment for you. When your website is published on the Internet, graphics and content are up to date.

It becomes more and more visible in the search results. And then, month after month, you website can’t retain its position. Why?

Because you need to update your website with new content really frequently!



At DATAFIRST, there is an active web department and they advise as follows:


  • Check that content is still valid. We often see information about open-days or limited time offers still online while the event is over.


  • Diversify the type of content:
    • Events: you are organizing a business party to introduce a new model, make the announcement in advance and then publish photos. These will encourage the public to come back to your site by curiosity.
    • Press review: there is an article about you in a newspaper, you’re becoming famous! You can scan the article or publish a link to read the content.
    • Improve your news with pics and videos: manufacturers publish official videos on Youtube and automotive brands publish high quality photos on their websites, feel free to use them!


  • New content regularly: let’s talk about the frequency! We need to be realistic; few dealers can publish new content every day. Once a month is a good rhythm because manufacturers’ offers are available 1 to 3 months in general.


  • Quality for user satisfaction:
    • Meet the expectations of users: targeted information, in-stock vehicles with photos, contact details to answer an information or test drive request…
    • The better the quality of your content, the more it will be shared on social media.

 This advices will bring you the following benefits: increase the visibility of your website, retain an audience, contribute to the awareness of your dealer brand, and improve the contact process.

An updated website gives a serious and reliable image: the potential customer is reassured, ready to visit your dealership!
If you do not have time to update your website, we can do it for you as part of a maintenance contract, so contact us!


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