How to subscribe to RSS feed?

What is a RSS feed?

The RSS feed is an Internet technology that allows you to receive updates from a website. For example, by subscribing (free of charge) to the website RSS feed  , you will receive all new blog posts and news from DATAFIRST.

But what is the advantage of subscribing to RSS feeds?

The advantage of subscribing to the RSS feeds of a website that you visit frequently is that you will receive all new information in one single place on your RSS reader.

How to access RSS feeds?

1. Subscribe to an RSS feed

The best way to access to your RSS feeds is to use an RSS feed reader.

The Old Reader, for example, is a good choice. First of all, visit this platform and create a new profile.

After that, look at the home page. You add the URL of the RSS feed by clicking on “Add a subscription” and inserting the url.

2. Retrieving url RSS feeds

Once you have registered to an RSS feed reader, get the URL of the feed:

Click on the RSS feed icon. The page on which you land will look different depending on whether you use Chrome, Firefox or Explorer.

On Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, you get a code page. This is the XML file containing the stream. Copy the URL of the page. For it will be and add this link to your RSS reader in “Add a subscription”.

With Firefox, you land on a page with a more accessible setting. However, the principle remains the same: copy the url of the page, and insert it in the space provided for this purpose in your feed reader by clicking on “Add a subscription.”