DataCar DMS for car dealers

DataCar DMS, the dealer management system software helps you manage your dealership more efficiently.

  • The implementation of sustainable development strategies cannot be properly achieved without the support of a management and information system which:

    • Enables you to manage business processes and information flows between actors based at different sites or manufacturer representatives
    • Constitutes a real change management tool

    Your automotive DMS software needs to adapt to your organisation by seamlessly managing:

    • Your different companies, sites, warehouses
    • The different brands you distribute along with their interfaces and special features
    • All dealership activities: NC/UC sales, financing, accessories, after-sales service (workshop and parts)
    • And for OEMs, all countries (language, currency, regulations) where you are represented
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The strengths of DataCar DMS : the Dealer Management System software that adapts to your organisation

  • Multi-site and multi-company DMS solution

  • Multi-brand automotive distribution solution

  • 30 years experience in the auto distribution industry

  • DMS approved by major auto manufacturers

Benefits of DataCar DMS for car dealers

With DataCar DMS, the Dealer Management System for car dealers, you benefit from the advantages of comprehensive, manufacturer-approved, multi-company car dealer software solution.



    Processes and information flows are centred around the customer data, taking your business specificities into account and making it easier to coordinate all services with a cohenrent view across all sites or companies, regardless of brand.

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    DMS, CRM, Websites, Webmarketing, predictive marketing, B.I, GDPR Consent Center, Portal … DATAFIRST has innovated with Generation DataCar, undertaking to address the new challenges you are facing as a car dealer.

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    Our Dealer Management System software is developed based on the latest technology, so as to optimise investment and operating costs:

    • High-performance and secure relational database
    • Secure platform hosting
    • Intuitive graphical interface

    • New catalogues, new tariffs, order and delivery status, warranty process changes, implementation of new after-sales interfaces…
    • So as to ensure your Dealers have accurate and up-to-date information at their fingertips and can deliver high-quality service, we develop the necessary interfaces between DataCar DMS and Auto Manufacturer (OEM) I.T. systems.

DataCar DMS features for car dealers

  • DataCar DMS general features

    • Client Centric
    • Customer loyalty modeling – DATAPASS
    • Loyalty card – DATAPASS
    • Payments management
    • Decision-making statistics (Cars Query)
    • Vehicle management
    • Bank remittance management
    • Reporting and decision-making: pivot tables
    • Event logger
    • Send SMS
    • Standard messages (Public, Accounting etc.)
    • Send e-mails
    • User profile and security management
    • Customer de-duplication module
    • Customized desktop management
  • DataCar DMS features for NC/UC business

    • Dealership vehicle catalogue
    • NC/UC, mult-site, multi-brand management
    • Manufacturer NC campaigns
    • NC payments
    • NC/UC transfer
    • Internal NC/UC movements
    • Intra-company invoicing module
    • UC advertisement multiple broadcasting
    • NC/UC purchase invoice management
    • Administrative documents management
    • NC/UC pack management
    • Bi-directional Planet VO interface
    • Customer reservations management
    • NC/UC statistics module
    • New Car retrocession (Call-Off)
  • DataCar DMS features for multi-company management

    • NC/UC BUSINESS Multi-company
    • NC catalogue merger
    • NC/UC stock consolidation
    • NC/UC intra-company invoicing
    • WORKSHOP Multi-company
    • Merging of:
    • labour catalogues
    • customer conditions (discounts…)
    • customer files
    • customer vehicules fleets
    • after-sales history
    • SHOP Multi-company
    • Merger of parts catalogues – UNIQUE parts repository
    • Consolidated view of intra-company stock
    • Intra-company invoicing
  • DataCar DMS Workshop features

    • Multi-site « CLIENT CENTRIC » file
    • Repair order management
    • Quote – invoicing module
    • RO – multi document management
    • WORKSHOP history
    • Dealership labour management
    • After-sales price simulation
    • Menu Pricing and flat-rate management
    • Warranty processing
    • Technical campaign management
    • Appointment planning
    • SIDEXA interface
    • Advanced WORKSHOP schedule
    • Production management
    • Reception schedule management
    • Electronic timeclock / Workshop timeclock
    • Employee schedule
    • After-sales statistics module
    • Courtesy car planning
    • After-sales campaigns (for receptionists)
    • Presence and time spent planning, ressource management
    • Customer balance visualisation and inquiry
  • DataCar DMS Shop features

    • Parts catalogue management: multi-site, multi-warehouse
    • Invoicing and quotations
    • Customer reservations
    • End of month invoicing: statements…
    • Miscellaneous items management and invoicing
    • Configuration and management of related items
    • Multi-supplier management
    • Multi-tariff management
    • Spare parts order management
    • Parts purchase invoicing
    • Parts replacement management
    • Merge parts orders
    • Entering parts into stock
    • Correction of parts entries
    • Parts movements / Stock transfer
    • Intra-company invoicing module
    • Recycling costs management
    • Parts price simulations
    • Spare parts tariff updates – all brands
    • Statistics and decision-making module (Turnover, stock…)
    • Automatic period ends
  • DataCar DMS interfaces and aditional modules

    • Interfaces:
    • DataCar CRM 360 : CRM offering a 360-degree view of your customers in order to optimize your digital marketing
    • DataCar B.I : Business Intelligence for car dealers
    • Consent Center : GDPR-conform consent management center
    • SAV UP : predictive marketing tool to increase customer loyalty as well as your revenues
    • Interfaced with major manufacturer / OEM I.T systems
    • Planet VO
    • MecaPlanning
    • SIDEXA
    • Additional modules:
    • DATAPASS : customer loyalty programme enabling you to reward customers and enhance customer loyalty

DataCar DMS can be accessed directly via our customer portal, DataCar Portal, which provides easy access to all DataCar applications


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A complete offer : DataCar DMS is interfaced with our other dealer solutions

Our solutions have been designed specifically to accompany automotive dealers throughout the customer journey.


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