The interest of Facebook in Business to Business

In terms of social networks, companies have a tendency to privilege LinkedIn and Viadéo.
But Facebook, worldwide social network, has a great impact on the public, so why not exploit its advantages in Business to Business?

3 good reasons to use Facebook in BtoB:

  • Facebook pages are indexed by Google

The internet users who spend some time researching and learning about your company will have a direct access to your company via the results of the survey.

Thus, a prospect will be able to contact you by the channels of his choice: your website or one of your network.
If ever he looks for opinions on your products or if he prefers ” facebook ” as an individual, he may contact you via your page.

Moreover, being on several networks optimizes you position in search engine indexes.

In other words, you will increase your company’s presence on the web.


  • Behind a company there are people !

When selling BtoB, the sales team has a tendancy to consider the BtoB client as a Professional, a business like.
But behind every professional are individuals with whom you can exchange and can transmit contents related to their interests. Facebook is ideal for this matter, it allows to involve audience, to excange and share…the businenss comes afterwards !

The B2B marketing becomes P2P (people to people). Especially in this actual context in which the customer knowledge is a major marketing objective. Moreover the frontier between personal and professional life is disappearing little by little in our digital era.


  • Capture new leads

Thanks to a strategy of relevant and varied content, you can interest your targeted webserfers who will ”  like ” your page.

1 like = 1 future lead! To convert your like in lead, you have to post and share the content with the call to action. It is regarding the content which leads directly to a page where you can find a contact form or a call action like ” download “.

Furthermore, do not hesitate to systematically insert links in your websites and your contents.

The broascasting of the indirect content, that is to say; which will generate the leads in an indirect way, is also to be considered. First of all it will vary your type of contents: photos, blog articles, infography, videos…, and will also give a less ” commercial ” like aspect because it is more of a content without contact form.

Thus the websurfers will not feel “captured ” commercialy speaking while developping their customer journey with your company.


Some key figures:

51% of websurfers are more willing to buy when they see a “like” for a brand on Facebook.

41% of BtoB companies are active on Facebook and have gained more customers. 


To conclude, a company facebook page is quickly established and can only bring you positive returns! Your challenge will be now to gain ” like ” and generate leads.

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