Dealer Business Intelligence : Turning data insights into action

You have embraced analytics – Great! You B.I solution gives you a 360° overview of your Car sales outlets – Great! You know your performances that are out of bounds. So far so good. But what happens when something is not good, or becomes the focus of an effort to improve results?

The KPIs put in place within a dealership to assess, measure and control the degree to which objectives are met, are one thing. But, improving the way you work as a result of integrating a BI framework is quite another.

Take action. Engage people.
Let’s not forget that you can only get value out of information if the right people are engaged to take action. With the latest version of DataCar BI, we have made the engagement process easier. Indeed you no longer need to leave your dashboard to go tell someone to change something: all the interaction and the improvement process is done in the application. With a simple click from the relevant score card, you can assign a task to the appropriate owner and track progress within the product, and increase your chance to reach your goals…

It’s time to turn data insights into action!

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