DataCar CRM 360 for car dealers

DataCar CRM 360 is specifically designed for automotive dealers and built around a single customer database

  • It is widely recognized by car dealers today that in the era of digitalization, they need to onboard customers at the very start of their customer journey using proven Digital Marketing techniques.

    DataCar CRM 360, the CRM software solution designed for the automotive distribution sector, is an essential component of the dealership’s digital marketing strategy through its 360° customer and vehicle database. It enables you to target customers more precisely through marketing campaigns and increase your Sales and After-Sales revenues.


  • DataCar CRM for car dealers

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Automotive Customer Relationship management tool providing a 360° view of your customers

  • Customer data focused

  • Onboard intelligence

  • Increased lead conversion rates

  • Mobile

Benefits of DataCar CRM 360 for car dealers


    Through a centralized (group) database which deduplicates and consolidates customer data, your customers’ journeys and behaviours are known across your different points of sales and brands.

    DataCar CRM 360 also interfaces naturally with websites to publish vehicles on sale in the dealership and incoming leads are directly integrated in sales reps’ schedules.

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    DataCar CRM 360 can be interfaced with your DMS to allow information flows in terms of Customers, Vehicles and Orders.

    Furthermore, at a time when reactivity and availability make all the difference and in an effort not to miss any business opportunities, your leads can be instantaneously assigned to a sales rep.

    DataCar CRM 360 is designed to be easy to handle and facilitate data entry for sales reps and collaboration between the sales team and call center advisors (a web service is available to connect DataCar CRM to call center tools).


    Having access to the exact vehicle description is crucial in order to inform customers and define the best price. For this, DataCar CRM 360 uses a market recognized, multi-brand vehicle repository.

    You enter the vehicle registration number or vehicle identification number (VIN) to access the vehicle in the repository and obtain its exact description and value.


    You can define precise customer target lists, based on their sales and after-sales history.

    As such, your marketing campaigns have more effect and obtain better response rates.

    You can track your leads throughout their lifetime.

Why DataCar CRM 360 ?

  • Customer data focused

    • 360° customer and vehicle view : sales and after-sales
    • Central group database
    • Call center interface for easy sales rep to call center collaboration
    • Information flows with the DMS
    • Website interface: your website and infomediaries
  • With embedded intelligence

    • Ergonomics and ease of use: auto-fill, multi-pages and multi-tabs
    • Vehicle recognition: vehicle registration and/or VIN
    • Data analysis: Business Intelligence (B.I)
    • Optimization of buyback values : market price entry


  • Lead conversion

    • Marketing segmentation: sales and after-sales
    • Automatic marketing campaigns: regular mailings
    • ROI analysis: statistics / reporting
    • Lead follow-up: automatic lead assignment option and easy data entry


  • Mobile compatible

    • Mobile first: available on Tablet PC and smartphone
    • Real-time geolocalization of your contact’s address
    • Synchronized agendas: Outlook and Google calendars


A complete offer : DataCar CRM is interfaced with our other dealer solutions

Our solutions have been designed specifically to accompany automotive dealers throughout the customer journey.


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