B.I 360 for car dealers

B.I 360 is the Business Intelligence software solution designed for the Automotive Distribution industry

  • B.I 360: take control of your performance levels with an automotive business intelligence software solution designed for you and your car dealership. As a Manager, you need an overview of all your sales outlets and departments, in order to make effective decisions based on clear and logical indicators.

    Amongst other advantages, DATAFIRST’s B.I 360 solutions for car dealers, enables you to:

    • Gain a complete overview of your company
    • Measure your ability to reach objectives
    • Compare your results between sites or at brand level
    • Manage the efficiency of your staff
    • Make effective decisions

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The key features of B.I 360, the business intelligence software solution designed specifically for the automotive industry

  • Clear: A single overview of performances

  • Simple: Intuitive user interface and graphical display

  • Efficient: Alert & objective based management

  • Mobile: Accessible on your PC, tablet and smartphone

Benefits of B.I 360 for car dealers



    B.I 360 offers you performance indicators selected by business experts. These indicators will highlight causal relationships, enabling you to take action quickly.

    • Automatic detection of relationships between different indicators
    • Automatic monitoring of elements with a negative effect on your performance levels
    • Identification of indicators that require your attention

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    B.I 360 offers you overview of your performance and results in order to make the right decisions at the right time

    • An overall view of all of your group’s different companies and sites
    • Detailed analysis by entity and/or domain
    • Data collection and automatic processing (integration with your DMS & CRM)
    • Automatic data classification

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    Analysis of your results from various angles:

    • Performance: have my results improved?
    • Objectives: have the objectives set been achieved?(alerts in the event of discrepancies)
    • Scoring: what score has been given to each of my indicators?

    Comparison of your results from various angles.


    As a business intelligence solution designed specifically for car dealerships, B.I 360 enables you to identify trends and anticipate discrepancies in order to maintain a high level of performance.

    • The scoring system takes into consideration the evolution of an indicator over time
    • Calculation of three-month forecasts

B.I 360 features for car dealers

  • Standardised business indicators

    • Performance indicators selected by business specialists
    • Highlighting of discrepancies, enabling you to take action quickly
  • E-mail alerts

      • You will be alerted of all discrepancies with respect to your indicators at different levels: company, site / point of sale, domain / activity
  • Turnkey solution

    • Automatic collection of your DMS and CRM data
    • Requiring zero effort from you or your staff
  • Automatic objectives

    • Automatic objective suggestions based on your past results
    • Possibility to modify the automatic objectives
    • Notifications in the event of discrepancies
  • Designed for decision-makers

    • Graphical interface that is exceptionally easy to use
    • Possibility to customize and organise your own screens
  • Mobile

    • Solution is accessible via a secure link, using a web browser
    • On any type of device (PC, Mac, laptop, tablet and smartphone – iOS and Android)

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Our solutions have been designed specifically to accompany automotive dealers throughout the customer journey.


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