An autonomous car travels over 5400km

Nine days after leaving San Francisco, an autonomous Audi Q5 arrived in New York after crossing 15 states and travelling more than 5400km. The car did 99% of the trip alone, without human intervention, had no problems during its journey and arrived in time for the opening of the New York Auto Show.

Great technological progress

This feat achieved by the British automotive supplier Delphi shows how the technology has evolved these last years and is poised to become part of our daily lives. The technology that allows autonomous cars to drive alone evolved at lightning speed. Today, most major car manufacturers such as Audi, Mercedes -Benz, Nissan and Volvo are also working on creating their own autonomous vehicles.

Although a number of unresolved issues on legislation and regulation still remain, it has once again been proven to us that the technology is operational.

An easy autonomous journey

For many, the most surprising thing is not that this trip was made possible, but that it was so easy. According to the researchers who rode in the car during the trip, the car responded very well all the way along. In an official communication, Delphi said that throughout the journey, the vehicle  met all kinds of complex driving situations such as roundabouts, areas under construction, bridges, tunnels, aggressive drivers and different weather conditions. To succeed this master stroke, they  equipped the car with all kinds of sensors, a satellite tracking system, and a powerful software processor.

Even if Delphi does not plan to manufacture autonomous cars, they plan on selling their technology to car manufacturers.

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