6 tips to get the best Google results

Google is by far the world’s most used search engine! Some30 000 billion pages are indexed by Google, 20 billions sites visited (crawled) by Google each day, 3,3 billion searches are made every day (100 billion per month)*

When an internet user performs a Google search, he or she wants a quick yet precise result. Did you know that you can use certain keyboard symbols or characters to help optimise your search results?
You may be a car dealer or working in the automotive distribution, it may be interesting to know these tricks, not only for your own Google searches but also so as to understand the behaviour of your customers and/or prospects who may be looking for vehicles or services on the Internet.

1. Site:

The command site: enables you to limit your search to a specific website.
Let’s look at an example: series 3 site :www.mydealerhip.co.uk will bring up all the series 3 on the website www.mydealership.co.uk

2. Speech marks

Using speech marks round the a specific term means you will search for the entire term and not each sperate word.
Foe example the search «opel corsa interior” will bring up results containing the full term and not the individual words.

3. Using a ~

Adding a ~ (bottom left hand corner on a qwerty keyboard) in front of a word lets you include other relevant words/synonyms.

4. Use the dash –

Insert a – (dash) in front of a word to exclude it from the search.
For example if you type CRM –automobile, you will get search results for the word CRM and for CRM automobile but no results matching the word automobile alone.

5. vs.

Lets you compare two options.
For example to compare two Ford models, you could carry out the following search: Ford Fiesta vs. Ford Focus

6. Search by image

You can click on an image and drag it into the search bar to find out more about its origin.
If, for example, you see an interesting image on facebook you can do this to find out where it has been previously used (blogs, news etc).


Source : http://www.blogdumoderateur.com/chiffres-google/

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