5 ways to optimize the customer experience in car dealerships

The customer experience encompasses the different steps that a consumer will go through before making the purchase. It is therefore important to give a particular importance to the analysis of these steps that will lead a customer to your car dealership.

With the multiplication of communication channels, consumers have plenty of choice for finding information before coming to your showroom. Whether you are a car manufacturer or a car dealer, it is important to ensure a presence at all levels of this research by multiplying the contact points with prospects, both physically and digitally.

Let’s discover with e-marketing.fr magazine the different trends in terms of optimization of the customer experience for 2015:

Focus on user experience

Whether in the car dealership or on the manufacturer’s website, the customer must feel welcome upon arrival. It is in this perspective that Renault launched in 2013 its program called C@RE (Customer Experience Approved Renault). This program aims to offer to the customer a journey in which web and physical networks work together. By creating a more colorful environment, with new furniture and a single entry where all services are found close to customers, Renault car dealerships aim to be the most welcoming places in the continuity of what is proposed on the website.

Contextualization of the user experience

Contextualization combines data context with qualified customer data. In other words, it is about sending marketing campaigns that take into account the context in which the prospect or customer is evolving.

For example, on the digital side, the trend is increasingly moving towards “beacons”. These small beacons send information in a perimeter defined to mobile phones which have Bluetooth activated. They can target prospects and customers according to their proximity to the car dealerships. For a car dealer, this means that he can now qualify his target by sending special offers or notifications to bring people into his car dealership.

A Social CRM strategy

Customer relationship management is now also done on social networks. Social networks allow customers to speak directly and quickly to a company. From a business point of view, it is a valuable opportunity to establish a lasting relationship with the customer by getting to know him better and building a genuine dialogue.

The Marketing Automation

Marketing automation encompasses all automation techniques for releasing marketing campaigns almost automatically. For example, you could send a special offer on  your prospect or customer’s birthday, automatically. This type of action allows you to customize the relationship with your customer.

Retargeting & Native advertising

Retargeting is the technique that tags a visitor to your website site in order to propose advertisement related to his path on your website, at a later date. As a car dealer, for example, you could offer him a test drive in the  model he is interested in.

Native advertising is an advertising technique that involves the insertion of advertisements at the heart of the user experience, either directly in the editorial content of a print or digital medium.

Although highly digitized, the user journey still has a conventional side to it. For the car manufacturer, the ultimate goal is still to bring the prospect or customer to the brand’s dealership , a digital strategy in accordance with a more conventional strategy is all the same needed in order to fully optimize the different levels of the customer experience.

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