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  • DataCar Wallet is the new mobile marketing solution for car dealers. Our solution proposes the tools and service you need to get your mobile marketing strategy underway, today! At a time when the use of mobile devices is ever-increasing, new opportunities are arising!

    New ways of interacting with your customers and prospects within the automotive distribution market are being created, and this is what is known as: mobile marketing!

    It’s inexpensive and easy to implement, so what are you waiting for?


Did you know that …

  • 73

    73% of the population use coupons*

  • 65

    65% of mobile users are aged between 25 and 64*

  • 41,4

    41,4% of mails are opened using a tablet or mobile phone*

*examples concern France

Advantages of DataCar Wallet

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    • Better customer and prospect rates of return. Coupon conversion rate increases by 40% when they are digital.

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    • Customer loyalty management With DataCar Wallet, you can launch targeted « Mobile Wallet » campaigns to attract and retain customers.

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    • Maximize income and limit costs The DataCar Wallet offer is economical. Distribute relevant promotions at a low cost and generate more showroom visits and maximum ROI.

Why use DataCar Wallet?

It’s good to have a customer loyalty program…

A customer loyalty program enables dealers to:

  • Individually identify customers and their history (purcahses, invoices, dates etc…)
  • Give customers a feeling of exclusivity and special treatment
  • Grant discounts or give gifts according to purchases or customer profile
  • Let customers pay using their loyalty cards.

But it’s better to have a digital loyalty program!

Nowadays, most customer loyalty programs are operated using magnetic or chip cards. But who likes having a pile of cards in their purse or wallet? Mobile marketing technology enables you to build customer loyalty programs  using what is known as the Mobile Wallet. Loyalty programs will be gradually moving from customers’ wallets to their mobile phones, thanks to these mobile applications.

What about prospecting?

In addition to optimizing your customer loyalty program, you can increase your chances of transforming prospects into customers. It’s simple to send digital coupons to their mobile phones.

Dealer benefits

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    • Loyalty – Increase dealership customer loyalty by taking advantage of different cross and up-selling possibilities.

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    • Prospecting – Implementation of a targeted new customer acquisition strategy.

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    • No application downloads– Using digital coupons does not require any additional application downloads.

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    • Multi-Coupons – Choose the coupon template depending on your offer or promotion.

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    • Multi-channel distribution – Send coupons by e-mail, SMS, or QR code.

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    • Campaign analysis – Analyse results using key performance indicators (KPIs).

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    • Geolocalisation – Create personalised offers based on data captured via the customer loyalty program.

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    • Real-time management – Coupons can be updated in real time.

So how does DataCar Wallet work?

  • Step 1

    Creating the coupon – Template choice based on a number of models depending on the offer (event, reduction, special offer) and coupon design.

    Step 2

    Sending coupon – Send a targeted text message or e-mail to customers and/or prospects containing a URL link to the coupon. You can also add a QR code to your website or any other support, with a link to the coupon. The customer receives the text or QR code! He or she can then add the coupon to his or her Passbook.

    Step 3

    Geolocalisation – When the prospect/customer approaches the address associated with the coupon, a programmed alert automatically appears, for example: « Open Day today at xxxx dealership» and the coupon appears on the screen. When the barcode on the coupon is scanned, the CRM system is updated.

    Step 4

    Measuring results – Measure the outcome of your campaign in terms of how many coupons have been used and/or activated. Measurements can take customer/prospect geolocalisation into account.

    Step 5

    Optimisation – Analyze campaign results, and prepare your next mobile marketing campaign.

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